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With the mall, tv, the internet and our cell phones constantly at our fingertips, why would anyone actually want to get on their hands and knees in a pile of dirt if they didn’t have to? With not one, but two supermarkets in my small semi-rural town, do I have any motivation to break my back pulling stubborn weeds?

If you’ve ever been concerned about your nutrition, fitness, harsh chemicals, saving money or the fact that supermarket food sometimes looks like its seen better days, then your answer should be a resounding yes! Of course, if the answer is no, feel free to resume watching American Idol now…

Hopefully you’re still here! Either way, the point is that you’ve taken the time to read those two paragraphs… and that I’m not going to tell you why the things you do are bad for you; I don’t really care about that and neither should you. What I am going to write about, though, is how to make smart and sustainable decisions NOW without spending a fistful of cash or spending hours tilling soil. Adventures from the Dirtbox is about finding quick and dirty tips that will get you if not wholeheartedly diving into the dirt, at last able to do some small things that will make a big difference in now only your life, but those of everyone around you.


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