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When my grandfather bought his first house, a grand old Victorian in the heart of Yonkers, New York, he couldn’t wait to make everything “just right.” The previous owner, though, begged him at the closing not to do anything to the gardens for exactly one year. Not really understanding why, he obeyed the seller’s wishes. Over the next year, he witnessed a dazzling display of perennials ebb and flow with the seasons, from the first bright spring tulips to the final shade lovers of the fall, and finally the ornamental grasses swaying just above the snow in the winter wind.

I also have received such an inheritance, and although it may not be as useful or tangible as money, each season around the hill has left me filled with wonder and curiosity, and most importantly, gratitude towards the previous owners, Mr. and Mrs. H. (Of course, Mr. H., I could’ve done without your “home repairs”, but that’s another story entirely!) Check out below the gifts I’ve received over the past year…

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. H., wherever you are!


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Its a bit grey here today, and I’m having a doozy of a time getting motivated. The drone of a backhoe is wailing in my ears, and the clouds are hanging oppressively low in the windless, swampy air. I went on a few minitrips that I can’t wait to tell about, including the Rose Garden at Springside, FDR’s estate in Hyde Park, NY. Alas, I can’t muster up the correct words to do justice to my beloved Hudson Valley today; it seems like whenever I’m locked inside working on a grey day like today, thoughts of travel sweep over my mind.

If I had a magic wand, or perhaps some ruby red slippers (mmm…ruby red slippers…), I’d click or wave, or do whatever I needed to do, and there would magically be a wild parade of color and horticultural delight marching across your screen. Unfortunately, I have neither a magic wand nor ruby red slippers. Hmm…this is embarrassing…you came all the way here and I don’t evenĀ  have any magical powers!

But, after that wildly depressing into and embarrassing lack of powers of the magical persuasion, here’s what I can do for you… Come with me back in time, if you will, to my last visit to the San Francisco Botanical Garden, one beautiful afternoon early in the year two thousand and eight…Its no magic, but I hope it’ll brighten up your spirits as well as mine, whether your day be cloudy and stale, or Oz in Technicolor. Now, just step into the time machine, if you will, and be sure to keep all hands and appendages inside the car. No flash photography, please…

Japanese Tea gardens are famous in their own right, but San Francisco takes the cake, in my humble opinion. I love how the geometric symmetry in the architecture is complimented by the round, flowing lines of the plant life.

Integrating horticulture, rocks and natural geography with streams and ponds gives the garden a relaxing feel. No artificial colors or flavors here.

Not sure if this driftwood is natural, or purposely placed. Short of going back to San Francisco to find out, I think its a little bit of both. No real definition, feel free to color outside the lines, because this can be whatever you want it to be.

The Dutch Windmill truly makes me feel like I’m in another country (or at least on a movie set). I’ve never felt so compelled to frolic through a field in my life.

Ahhh…I feel a little more uplifted, and I hope you do too. Sometimes we all need to take a break from our black and white days and add a little color. Now, about getting those ruby red slippers…

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