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*Cue bad eighties hair and power guitar…*

OK, I’m done rocking out now.

Seriously though (because we’re a *very* serious blog here), you might think that a rose is just a rose, but trust me, these puppies are no wallflowers. Always the center of attention, these garden beauties are Marcia Brady to the tulip’s Jan. Neve r lost in the shuffle, no middle-child-syndrome here, roses stand tall, and they’ve got the thorns to remind you they’re the top dog, lest you forget. Symbols of romance, and the de-facto “I forgot it was Valentine’s Day” gift, there a re literally hundreds of varieties to choose from.

Above and beyond the tried and true blood red blooms – this year at Springwood, FDR’s Hudson Valley estate, its all about variety. From yellow to white, vine to bush, these roses are anti-establishment powerhouses ready to take over the floral scene. A rose isn’t just just a rose, anymore…

Want to grow ’em? Because there are so many species, no matter your climate (excepting extreme tropical), there’s most likely a rose for you. Because they’re propagated from cuttings, look for root stock at your local nursery. Most of them need some serious sun, though, so shade dwellers need not apply. Still not sure? – All America Rose Selections can help you get started, with their handy guide to roses by region. In addition, be sure to check out their fantastic growing guides for more information on cultivating this prickly perennial.

For the information-junkie, be sure to also check out the American Rose Association for even more useful info, especially since June is National Rose Month! Yes, this is seriously another useless holiday. Oh, well — I’ll let this one slide, but be forewarned, roses — I’ve got my eye on you…only one useless holiday per customer!
For those of you who don’t feel so inclined as to celebrate National Rose Month, at least take a trip if you find yourself in the Hudson Valley, up to Springwood. There’s a Presidential Library, FDR home tours and walking trails if the rose garden doesn’t strike your fancy (although, if that’s the case, I’m not sure what you’re doing here…) Either way, take a long summer afternoon and meander down the winding paths to the Hudson River’s breathtaking tidal marshes, or ramble on down behind the home of FDR to get a glimpse of the panoramic Valley views.
Roses, trails, and librarian’s tales…what’s not to love about the beautiful grounds of the home of FDR? Are there any local gardens by you that you’ve visited lately?

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